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Mikyal al-makarim fi favaede doa lelghaem is an Arabic book written by Sayyed mohammad Taghi Mosavi Isfahani in 1330(lunar) and contains issues such as the reasons, advantages and the results of praying for Imam Zaman (A.S) and the duties of his followers in absence era.

The author dreams Imam Zaman (A.S) and visits him while he was sleeping and by the order of him he begins writing this book and chooses the current name by Imam Zaman's saying.
One of the features of this book is that by logical and narrative reasons proves that praying for Imam Zaman (A.S) is one of the most significant means to reach to supreme levels of improvement and top stages of spirituality'; additionally it has benefits in daily life.
The book has two volumes divided in 8 sections. It states logically the benefits of praying for revealing the representative of God on the earth and by narrating various traditions emphasizes the necessity of supplication for the savior of human beings.
The obligation of knowing Imam, miracles and dignity of Imam Zaman (A.S), results of supplication, the suitable times and places for praying, the way of praying and features of him are the most important matters of this book. And the characteristics of him are listed according to alphabets.
The author has collected the supplications of different times due to Ahlelbayt traditions.
Mikyal contains various and significant issues in different fields such as Hadith, jurisprudence, theology, Rejal and even philosophy and literature which are gathered in an innovative way and correct conclusions.
Most of materials which are investigated regarding belief of Imam Mahdi are titled by praying before God for saving him from disasters and sorrow.
In the first and second sections through logical and narrative reasoning it is proved that the faith is not valid without knowing Imam Zaman (A.S).
To prove the imamate of him some parts of repetitive traditions which are particularly about imamate of him are narrated and some miracles and dignities are collected as well.
The third part attributes to rights of Imam towards people like right of existence, the right of kinship ties to prophet, the rights of scholar over learners.
The forth section states the characteristics of him which result to necessity of praying. They are listed alphabetically and some of them are: faith to God, keeping the Hojjats up, making the hearts close together, revenge of Imam Hussain's blood, gathering all wises, supporting of Islam, ending up of sciences to him and praying of him for believers.

In the fifth section the result of praying for Imam Zaman is mentioned and the author by pointing to this fact that this book is authorized for this subject, firstly answers some questions such as why when Imam is the means for blessing to come down for creatures and he does not have any need to people therefore what can be point for praying for Imam Zaman (A.S)?
In addition to investigating the necessity of praying in a strong reasoning way argues about other interesting issues in different teachings and sciences which really indicates that the author has been a knowledgeable and noticeable person.
The sixth and seventh sections are about the best times, statues and places which are emphasized more such as the latest hours of Friday, the time befoe praying for ourselves, holy shrines. And has mentioned the way of praying and points out that reaching to all benefits and advantages are obtained when praying is constantly done.
The eighth part counts the duties of servants towards him; such as understanding the features and characteristics of him, politeness before him, making people to love him, anticipating his presence, making believers happy, tolerating the bother of others.
As a result we can claim that the author tries to waken Muslims' insights for preparing them towards the existence of Imam Zaman (A.S) and cures people's hearts and provides a capacity to make a progress for getting for the savior of all human beings.


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