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The Radiance of Imam Husayn

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This book is authored by Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Husayni Tehrani in Persian and then trnaslated into English.

The following is a translation of the text Lamaat Al Husayn, the Radiance of Husayn, quotes and sayings of the Eminent Lord of the Martyrs, Husayn ibn ‘Ali, peace be upon them.

This book contains the translation of some speeches and pieces of advice told by Imam Hussain (A.S) with credible sources, in order to be used in public places.

The author Allama Tehrani mentions to this question that which book that is written by him is the best:

«the best book of mine is Lamaat Al Hussain. It is a book that contains the exact statements of Imam Hussain and translation and the reason I ask my friends to frame his sayings is that his words should always be before eyes.»

In the following you can see some titles:

Creation of human beings to intuition of God and the path to accompany Imam, advice of Imam Hussain about: knowledge, experience, honesty, contentment, friendship. Advice of Imam to sinner, the reason of Imam Hussain revolutionary, the letter of Imam about the good of this world and hereafter, speech of Imam in the morning of Ashura, chants of Imam Hussain with God in the last times of life.


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