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The Prophet’s Attitude towards Children and Youth

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This book is written by Muhammad Ali Chenarani and translated in English by Mahdi Azadi. Its publisher is ABWA Publishing and Printing Center.

In today’s world, the instruction and upbringing of children are among the most basic social issues and important elements for the happiness of humanity. Therefore, scientists have carried out deep psychological and educational studies and research and have written an infinite number of books on this subject.

In addition, countries have formed extensive organizations for the proper physical and psychological upbringing of children and have put children under theoretical and practical monitoring in every respect.

14 centuries ago, however, when people were engulfed in an age of darkness and ignorance, the great leader of Islam paid full attention to the value and importance of children’s upbringing and provided the necessary teachings to his followers.

If scientists today pay attention to the instruction of children after birth, Islam has provided step-by-step specifications for marriage, conditions of spouses, having pure children, breastfeeding, and the physical and psychological upbringing of children.

If scientists today include precise psychological and instructional points in their books about children, the leaders of Islam noted the same in their sayings and demonstrated the same in their practices long ago.

Our purpose in writing this book is two-fold:

One: It is hoped that all the Muslims, especially educated young people, who constitute a large part of the society, will become aware of the comprehensive programs and orders of Islam and the practical value of this religion while relying on their solid faith and beliefs in order not to be deceived by the programs of others.

Two: It is also hoped that parents will become aware of their religious and national duty in the upbringing of their children. In order to help parents carry out this great responsibility, for doubtless a great part of the social problems and moral pollutions experienced today are due to ignorance and unawareness about how to perform one’s duties, we decided to provide a practical model for those who want to bring up physically and psychologically healthy children. The best model for Muslims is the great leader of Islam, Prophet Muhammad and his rightful heirs, who can be our reliable models throughout life, as they did not commit any mistakes. It is hoped that humanity will become aware of the true models to follow and will surrender the false satanic models in order to achieve happiness in this world and the next.

This book consists of two parts:

1. The Prophet’s attitude towards children, consisting of five chapters, each having its own subject heading.

2. The Prophet’s attitude towards youth, consisting of four chapters, each chapter having several subtitles.


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