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This is an ideological Persian book written by Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani –one of the greatest Shia scholar in Qom-translated into English by Jalil Dorrani. Its publisher is Naba Organization. He argues the Shia issues which are different from Wahhabism in 20 chapters and then criticizes the beliefs of wahhabism. Its Persian version is published in Imam Sadegh (A.S) organization and it has Arabic and English translations.

The author mentions in the prologue of his book that:

"I have mentioned all Wahhabism issues which are different from other Islamic creeds and through Quran and traditions have stated the real theology of Islam. The present book is third book I offer the Islamic society and I request all Wahhabist authors and scholars in Riyadh and Mecca and Medina and other followers in other places, to criticize my books rationally if they have any disagreement and reduce disadvantages of these books in people's eye, otherwise let other people think independently in Mecca and Medina and eliminate offences towards us in divine and peaceful place and stop Wahhabist propaganda which is just loss-maker and causes quarrel and then leave the Islamic society for real scholars."

The author in the beginning mentions that Islam is based on monotheism and unity and they are emphasized by Prophet Mohammad. The he states the principals of Wahhabism which are formed by deviated and extremist beliefs of Ibne-teymiyah and then founded by Mohammad-ibne-Abdolwahhab. Wahhabism rejects their opponents and Institutionalizes splits and schism among all Muslims.


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بازار کتاب اولین و بزرگترین سامانه دانلود کتاب الکترونیکی رایگان بر خط با هدف در دسترس قرار دادن متون و کتب شیعه راه‌اندازی شده است. به کمک کتابخانه دیجیتالی بازار کتاب به هزاران عنوان کتاب به زبان های مختلف : فارسی ، عربی ، انگلیسی و آذری و غیره .... دسترسی خواهید داشت.

همین حالا اپ بازار کتاب را نصب کنید و کتابخانه خود را با دانلود کتاب های برتر پربار کنید.

با کلیک بر روی این لینک عضو کانال تلگرام ما شوید.