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The Grand Ayatollah Rahmati Sirjani

Grand Ayatollah Rahmati Sirjani

In the name of Allah

To the manager of Qaemiyeh center

I pray for the manager and the staff of the center and I ask God more success for them and I hope Imam Zaman (A.S) would pray for the progression of the institute. It is a great honor that the Howze of Isfahan goes forward in terms of the things which are expected from the Howze of Qom. You have the complete authority to publish my works as you wish and surly Imam Zaman (A.S) would be satisfied to use Khoms for publishing and distributing useful scientific books. If I deserve to say, I agree to use the share of Imam. It is recommended to publish only the books have something to do with Ahlebayt (A.S) and not publish the useless books about false sections which are a lot nowadays.

Mohammad Rahmati

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Authors and publishers' rights

All multimedia contents (like book, audio book, picture book, magazine, newspaper, article, thesis) which are available on Ghaemiyeh digital book market are set through written agreements whereby the publishers and authors all allowed  free publishing of their works.


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بازار کتاب اولین و بزرگترین سامانه دانلود کتاب الکترونیکی رایگان بر خط با هدف در دسترس قرار دادن متون و کتب شیعه راه‌اندازی شده است. به کمک کتابخانه دیجیتالی بازار کتاب به هزاران عنوان کتاب به زبان های مختلف : فارسی ، عربی ، انگلیسی و آذری و غیره .... دسترسی خواهید داشت.

همین حالا اپ بازار کتاب را نصب کنید و کتابخانه خود را با دانلود کتاب های برتر پربار کنید.

با کلیک بر روی این لینک عضو کانال تلگرام ما شوید.