Brief History of Fourteen Infallibles

  • Brief History of Fourteen Infallibles
Brief History of Fourteen Infallibles
Title and Author: A brief history of Fourteen Infallibles.
Publisher(s): World Organization for Islamic Services ( WOFIS)
Appearance: xxxii، ۱۸۰ ص.مصور (رنگي)، جدول، نمودار
Congress Classification: BP۳۶/ب ۴ ۱۳۶۳
Dewey Classification: ۲۹۷ /۹۵
National bibliography numbers: م ۸۱-۳۳۷۶۶
This book Contains these titles:
BOOk ID؛ point؛ Preface؛ The Spiritual Message of Shi'ism؛ The Glorious Qur'an؛ Islam and Muslim؛ The First Infallible: The Holy Prophet Of Islam, Muhammad Ibn `Abdullah (Peace be on him and his progeny)؛ The Second Infallible, The Daughter Of The Holy Prophet Fatimah Az-Zahra' (Peace be on her)؛ Twelve Apostolic Imams؛ The Third Infallible The First Imam, `Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Amir Al-Mu'minin (Peace be on him)؛ The Fourth Infallible The Second Imam؛ The Fifth Infallible The Third Imam؛ The Sixth Infallible The Fourth Imam؛ The Seventh Infallible The Fifth Imam؛ The Eighth Infallible The Sixth Imam؛ The Ninth Infallible The Seventh Imam؛ The Tenth Infallible The Eighth Imam؛ The Eleventh Infallible The Ninth Imam؛ The Twelfth Infallible The Tenth Imam؛ The Thirteenth Infallible The Eleventh Imam؛ The Fourteenth Infallible The Twelfth Imam؛ A Chronological List Of The Fourteen Infallibles the Holy Prophet, His Daughter and The Twelve Holy Imams
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BP36/B 4 1363
297 /95
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م 81-33766
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